It’s kinda cold out, isn’t it? Camping sounds like a straight-up NOPE. But… don’t write it off so easy! There are a few places I’d like to visit in winter. I think for some places in the UK, the colder seasons almost add a little charm! And when you start thinking about open fires and ‘glamping’ in some of the UK’s most beautiful destinations, it starts to not sound too bad… Anyway, here are three ideas to get you started (bring me!).


Great Langdale

Great Langdale is a lovely little spot in Cumbria, at the head of a beautiful valley. I can imagine a winter walk would be gorgeous out here, so somewhere ideal for budding photographers. If you do decide to go when it’s a little colder, you could stop in a luxury yurt or a pod for a more boutique outdoor experience. The range of options means that you’ll still have some indoor luxuries (mainly heating) and be able to experience the outdoors. On an evening, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a bit of peace in lovely surroundings! 


At this campsite, the icicles hang the branches of pine trees and it’s filled with snaking paths and woods to explore. A real winter wonderland. Setthorns is ideal destination for those of you who are serious campers. If you’re at your best when you’re down and dirty with nature, then give it a go. I do personally lean towards “glamping, ” but it could be a good shout if you own a motorhome or are experienced. It offers a good range of facilities and I’m sure they’d support you during your stay. It’s again, a beautiful location, don’t let a bit of cold stop you!  If you’re a rookie camper and need some tips, check out this camping guide.



I’ve only visited Scotland once, but I was so charmed by my surroundings that I know I have to go back! I’d personally love to bring my camera along and snap around the Highlands. If I were to pick a spot for a little glamping, Glenmore would be high on my list. If you’re looking for snow, this is definitely the place for you. You could try some cross-country skiing, go for a hike, do a little cycling or just enjoy what nature has to offer. For me, a walk or two wouldn’t go amiss – but I’d be quite happy to settle into my cabin with some decent whiskey and good company!

Sarah x