Massage –  Just being able to feel all those knotty muscles release and relax is amazing. It certainly helps me feel less stressed! I usually have to head out to the salon or clinic to get one. Some masseuses come to your home with their own table, though. Alternatively, you can look at this website for some of the best massage chairs to get a massage at home without the need for another person!

Bath – A quiet bubble bath with lots of bubbles and a glass of wine sounds like the perfect way to unwind. Some mellow tunes and dimmed lights can really help melt a bad day away. It’s good for the skin, and it’s good for the muscles. Most importantly, it’s good for the soul to take that little bit of time for yourself. Add a bath relaxer to the water and you can drift away to a total bliss.

Good Food – Sometimes, all it takes to feel better about a hard day is a good meal with the people you love. Having a special meal at a set table with candles and wine can help you forget about all the tough stuff that happened. Fill your tummy with something yummy and you can relax and unwind in the company of people that support you and nurture you. It gives you the chance to talk about more positive things too.

Run – If you need to get out of a bad mood, sometimes going for a good run can be exactly what you need. Don your trainers, plug in your ear buds and just pound the pavements until you feel good. It takes about ten minutes for those happy hormones to kick in, and another ten to twenty minutes to really clear your head. You’ll feel good, and you’ll feel proud that you have had such a good workout!

Sleep – After a really tough day when your head’s a mess of feelings and emotions, it can be a good idea to get a good sleep. While you are sleeping your brain sorts and files away all the events of the day to help you make better sense of what has occurred. It is a process that allows you gain some closure on the issues and feel better at the same time.

Sarah x