Now, this wasn’t your average date night. The only relationship I have is a love for makeup, food and fashion.

The Victoria Quater  is beautiful and always a favourite of mine, from the shops to the building itself. I think once you get to know some of the staff in the shops (I visit too often) you realise that they are mostly down to earth, Yorkshire folk. And nowt is better than that love. I’ve met some interesting characters in some of the older shops, with stories that would take another blog post to tell!

My VQ date night consisted of a trip to Vivienne Westwood, Space NK and Pollo with 3 other fabulous bloggers. Couldn’t have asked for better company!

Vivienne Westwood
‘Our Viv’ as I like to call her is one of my favourite designers. I love her style and her attitude and that little dash of punk she’s still got going for her. Her collections new and old are easy to spot, not just because of the logo, but because of her unique style. I have to say the men’s collection, particularly in the suit department is ON POINT. Jackets to die for.

 For me our Viv is all about the shoes and handbag. Timeless pieces that will last a lifetime!

Space NK
I love Space NK. I also hate it. The staff are always so nice, and I never seem to leave without clearing my bank account. Stop it you guys!  Of course, they were lovely as ever and let us have a sneak peek at some new products from the by Terry line. I had my face contoured (gurrl all pro-fesh-un-nal),  without it being heavy and cakey. From everything I tried at Space NK I’m running back for that beautiful, beautiful Space NK pallet, and possibly an eyeshadow one!!
I’ll have to review and show them off separately for sure.

Polpo is fairly new to VQ and an absolute gem. The food was reasonably priced, perfect for sharing and DELICIOUS. I (demolished) tried the deep fried meatballs, battered olives, and focaccia bread. I’m all about those carbs.
There was something incredibly charming and Venitian about it – I can’t believe how they’ve transformed the space above Harvey Nichols! I’ve been telling everyone about how yum it was and already have a dinner date planned in! I have to say as well, I’m not the biggest eater of Italian food beyond pasta and pizza, so it was nice to experience something new!

Everyone else’s food looked amazing, the Aubergine  salad we had to share was divine, darling, divine.

Big love to the gorgeous Ally @DigitalDiva my babe Remie @RemiesLuxuryBlog & new pal Nicol from @YukLuiStyle

I recommend grabbing a gift card for presents or just send a few my way ‘coz you love me. I can’t wait to spend mine in Space NK and get ALL the make-up. Massive thanks for letting me come along to one of the best blogger events I’ve been to in a while! Huge thanks to Tristian – perfect last minute evening! Lovely chilled out night with all my favourite things. See you soon VQ ;)

Sarah x