If you choose to change the exterior of your home, it can benefit you in many ways. You can improve the curb appeal and look of the home, as well as increase its saleability. Some changes can even improve the value of the property. So even if you are on a budget, there are plenty of things that you can do that will make a significant difference. So why not make some changes to your property this year? There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t.

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The Exterior Walls

A lot of homes that were built back in the 60s and 70s were often finished with stone cladding or a pebbledash finish. The bricks might be a little mismatched and different colours. A great way to improve the look of your outside home is to get rid of this kind of finish. You can clad or plaster the walls to be one even surface, and it does make a difference. Having it removed or plastered over and then painted will cost in the region of a couple of hundred pounds. So it is pretty doable. It will look so much better and much more appealing. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling up anytime soon, it is still a good idea.

Extend the Exterior

If you are looking to extend the exterior of the home, then it can be a little costly. The thing is, though, it really makes a difference with the price of the house. It can also improve the look of the house a lot. There are cheaper options like adding a porch or a bay window. They create a small amount of space but change the overall look of the home. You could extend one whole side of the house or add something like a conservatory, though. Creating extra rooms or living space is always a good idea when thinking about adding value to a property. The amount it adds pretty much pays for itself if you were to sell your home. A conservatory is a popular option these days, as it creates one whole extra room. Just be sure to check on the various conservatory roof styles that you can have so that it works with the rest of the exterior of your property.

Update Your Roof

For some homes, the roof can be quite a prominent feature. Think of a bungalow, for example. It stands out when looking at it. So if it isn’t up to scratch, it doesn’t look the best. If it just needs a good clean to get rid of some moss, then you could simple use a pressure washer. They are pretty inexpensive to hire or even to buy. You could replace some loose tiles, or even replace the whole roof. It just depends on the state the roof is in at the moment and what kind of budget you are looking at. A secure and good looking roof is important for any home, though. It keeps out the damp and can make your home much more energy efficient.

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