Umberto Giannini Frizzi 3 Day Frizz Review 7 Day Keratin Smooth TRESemmé Review


I’ve tried two ‘x’ day smoothing/frizz control treatments recently! The first being¬†Umberto Giannini Frizzi 3 Day Frizz and the second¬†7 Day Keratin Smooth ¬†by TRESemm√©.

Umberto Giannini Frizzi 3 Day Frizz

Umberto Giannini’s special polymer blend holds your super smooth style for up to 3 days! Our customers say ‘maintains a straight, smooth style for 3 days’. Perfect for dry, rebellious hair.”

This does¬†smell nice, which is always important to me. I hate products that make my hair smell odd! I used this after towel drying my hair but I found this to be a very wet product didn’t feel like I’d dried it at all!

I think as a product it leaves too much residue behind, as it started to dry it started to feel sticky. My hair definitely appeared less frizzy but once straightened the texture wasn’t very nice so I had to put on a little hair oil to make it feel softer again. That seemed to do the trick!

I’d say it lasted about two days, it did help to keep my hair from getting frizzy when it was humid on the first day, after that less so. I’m not sure I’d try this again but I would try something else from the range!

While Umberto Giannini’s product works a bit, ¬†I think it’s better suited for fine hair with a little frizz or loose curls kinda hair.

7 Day Keratin Smooth  by TRESemmé

“Using Heat Activated Polymers, this brand new formula is activated simply by using hair straighteners to provide long lasting, salon looking hair that stays beautifully smooth for seven days, and up to three washes.”

This for me is my winner. I also use the shampoo and conditioner in this range which are fab. I purchased this after getting a sample in an ASOS magazine and taking a liking to it.

This works a little differently as ¬†you apply it after washing hair, then straighten your hair to lock in the treatment.¬†It leaves my hair feeling a lot softer and¬†doesn’t leave any residue behind!

The great thing about this is that I do think it survives at least two washes, where hair is noticeably less frizzy and more manageable. My hair likes to go frizzy and stick up all over the place but this worked a charm. Also on my hair extensions, it keeps them nice and smooth!

It’s my go-to now and I would defiantly recommend it!

Sarah x

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