I’ve recently become a lash addict… Never been fantastic at actually applying them, often would end in screaming at my face in the mirror. But, recently I’ve found it easier, using strip lashes with tweezers.

Ultra Bond Stip Lash Adhesive Nouveau Lashes REview
I’ve been using strip lashes from Nouveau lashes with their UltraBond Strip Lash Adhesive. I love this eyelash glue and use it quite often, with other strip lashes as well.

A tube lasts me ages, as you only need a small amount each time, plus NL strip lashes come with a little tube, so I always have some glue handy! Once it goes clear, it sticks pretty well to the lashline. I find it easy to get the middle down first then use my tweezers to get the ends in place.

It’s latex-free and good for sensitive eyes, as some eyelash glues can be quite harsh, for me any way.

Ultra Bond Stip Lash Adhesive Nouveau Lashes REview
Wearing NL Volume Lashes, Style 4

It tends to last me all day! I’ve not noticed any problems like the corners peeling up, or wondering why my lashes are half way down my face since I’ve started to use it. It dries clear, and I usually go over with eyeliner any way to make sure it’s perfect!

I have fallen asleep with lashes on using this glue, and they’ve stayed on – still looking good! It’s designed for four days of wear, so you can keep lashes on for a few days. It’s heat, humidity, sweat and water-resistant which is just the dream. I wore lashes with this glue in Ibiza, I went in the pool, the ocean, partying in the sunshine and my lashes stayed on!

Ultra Bond Stip Lash Adhesive Nouveau Lashes REview
Once it comes to removing them, the glue comes away pretty easy without feeling like it’s pulling your skin and ripping your lashes off. I usually put a bit of a cleanser or micellar water on a cotton bud, wipe them a little first then take them off. I’ll go back over to get rid of any excess glue. With a decent cleanser, I’ve not found UltraBond difficult to remove!

All in all, it’s a good quality eyelash glue which I’ve not strayed from for months. And I’m the worst for switching brands!

Get Ultrabond here.


Sarah x