Turn Your Home into a Photo Printing Powerhouse with the Epson XP960 (1)

TheĀ Epson XP-960 expression photo printer is a huge six colour, A3 printer. I was lucky enough to be asked to give it a whirl and I have to say I’m rather impressed.


Although it’s big as it prints up to A3, it’s still compact sleek and not much bigger than your standard office printer – so won’t look out of place! Unlike most printers with dual trays and larger format prints, it doesn’t feel like you need to clear a room to make space for it. It fits nicely on my side table and fits right in.


Setting it up Ā Ā 

There is something about the hatred of printers that unitesĀ us all. Though, I found this pretty easy to set up. ItĀ has two trays so you can insert paper from the top and the bottom – if you’re more clever than me, you’ll read the instructions first and won’t think you’ve broken it when the second tray (or cassette) pops out. There are also instructions on the printer touch-screen panel with handy diagrams so you can’t go wrong! Overall, it was really easy and straightforward to set it up and get going.


Mobile & WIFI printing

Unlike my previous printer, this printer can sync with your mobile and work over wifi! You don’t need to plug in your laptop or phone, just pair the devices and your good to go. Turn your Instagram pics into art worthy of a gallery ;) I love the fact that you can print from almost anywhere, I’ll have more photos than I know what to do with first. And just to sweeten the deal – you can even print from your phone via the iPrint app!

Quality vs Price

If you someone like me who uses a DSLR or you just love snapping pics, it actually works out cheaper to invest in your own photo printer. The photos I’ve printed are at the same quality you would get if you went into your local photo printing store. Often it can be expensive to get photos printed, especially the larger you go.


I think it is still a nice thing to have printed photos around your home and to be able to give them away as gifts. For me this printer has another incentive – I can also use it to sell prints that I’ve taken in my photography work. I’ve even sent a surprise gift to a friendĀ who’s wedding I shot. It’s all down to those beautiful Claria Photo HD Inks. There’s nothing quite like having HD quality printing in your home!



Now for me, the photo side is most exciting, but this also a great all round printer. You can scan and copy up to A4 so you can still do your day to day printing. It’s tidy and quiet so it could be at home in your office. I don’t print as much as I used to, but a scanner is always so so handy to have!



I’ve personally not found any negative points when it comes to this printer. There’s some really great information online and then the intuitive LED screen to help work your way to being a printing pro.Ā So again it’s a good all-around printer! I’d say it might seem a little pricey at first. But, think about the money that you’ll save in the future and the trips to the printers you wont have to make.

What will you print?

Sarah x