So, GoEuro asked me to have a think about what travelling has thought me. Now I’m not the best at flying (on a plane, I don’t have wings) so travelling for me is a BIG deal. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but it wasn’t long ago I was lapping up the sun in Ibiza. I hate to be cliche – but I guess I’m not your typical ‘girly’ type – so the thought of going on a girls holiday to Ibiza was a little terrifying BUT I had more fun than I could ever imagine! Anyways, group holidays are often stressful and difficult to arrange so here’s a few tips…

Sharings caring


Whatever you can share, do it. This goes for food, hotel rooms and even suitcase space! Suitcase space is a biggy so see how you can combine & make life a little easier. Do you all really need a hair dryer each? Well, I guess you may if you all have incredibly long and luxurious hair (jel) but think about what you really need.

Money, money, money

As my Gran always said, you should never mix money with friends. However, there are so many situations where it’s needed. Let one person take control of the payments, and gather all the money together.  If you can’t decide who, use a split the bill type app. You can even book your holiday on sites that let you pay separately. Travel agents have clocked onto the fact that we all like to go on holiday with our pals from time-to-time, so they can often cater for tricky money arrangments.  The most important thing is to stay cool and sort out payments as far in advance as possible.

Talking’s cheap


In this modern age, you can’t tell me you don’t have some sort of accesses to a messaging app. And if you do I’m super glad you’re coming out from your Nomad hideaway for a holiday! Before you go, use something like WhatsApp or Facebook to create a group. This way no one gets left out of the conversation. Plus – when you’re living it large abroad there’s nothing worse than losing your pals. A group message gives you more chance of getting a hold of someone!

Friends first


The biggest travel lesson I have for when you’re on your hols with friends – is to remember that you are friends. It sounds a bit daft, but when you’re abroad and alcohol is involved, not to mention sharing rooms, tensions can flare! Sometimes walking away for five can help. But always tell a friend where you are.

Which brings me on to… LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER! On our holiday we were lucky to get on so well, but we all found it heartbreaking to see lone souls separated from the crowd. Keep an eye out for each other and again, let someone know where you are! If you can, try to stick in pairs. It can be difficult if there’s a huge group but if there’s at least two of you together it’s much safer than wandering on your own (no matter how big or tough you are!). At the end of the day, it’s a holiday so let your hair down, relax and you’ll have no horror stories to come back with!

What have you learnt whilst travelling?

Sarah x