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Exam season is finally over! The months of revision have come to a close, and you’re free to enjoy summer. For lots of you this could be the last summer before you move to uni. Going to uni is a massive part of your life and one of the best experiences. The actual process of moving can be horrific. Packing up all your things and moving to halls, saying goodbye to the people you’ve grown up with. It’s very emotional. It’s also very hard packing and unpacking everything into your tiny uni room. Ah yes, the uni bedroom. You’re small square of sanity amidst the craziness of halls. Your bedroom is the only part of your accommodation you get to make your own. You can’t decorate the kitchen or bathrooms because they’re shared. But you can decorate your bedroom! Instead of turning it into the typical uni mess, you should try and make it nice and tidy. Make it attractive and a place you actually enjoy sleeping in.

Obviously you can’t fully re-decorate a uni bedroom like you can your room at home. You’re not allowed to change the wallpaper or flooring. And you can’t change the bed either. But there are things you can do to decorate your uni room and get it looking lovely


You can’t change the wallpaper, but you can stick things on it. Create collages of all your memories and hang them on your walls. You can have ones with your family in and ones with your friends in. They make great wall decorations and make the room feel more like your room, rather than just a random room. Also, they provide you with lots of memories to remind you where you came from and how you got here.


There are various accessories you can buy to make your room stand out a little bit and seem more homely.

  • Candles: A great little accessory that can set the mood in your room. Candles are great to place on desks or bedside tables and look smart and elegant. Burning candles can be relaxing and make your room smell nice too.
  • Telephones: Your uni room usually comes equipped with a landline, but why not make it look better? You can get retro & vintage telephones that look great and are a truly unique.
  • Ornaments: These can be anything you like really, it depends on your taste. There are many cute ornaments out there that can add something to your bedroom.
  • Fairy Lights: A popular accessory that creates great mood lighting in your room. They’re pretty unnoticeable when they’re off, but gorgeous when turned on. A dark room lit only by fairy lights creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Bed Covers

Bring your favourite duvet set with you to uni, so the room feels like home. There’s nothing worse than sleeping away from your own bed; this will bring some of the feelings back.

You’ll be living in this room for a good chunk of the year, so it has to feel like home. Decorating your uni bedroom can stop feelings of homesickness and improve your uni experience. If you feel at home in uni, then you’re going to have a great time!

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