Holiday season is in full swing, and it’s rather exciting, to say the least. Everyone is jetting off to different parts of the world, to top up their tans (well not me..) and get some R&R. Are you planning on a holiday this year? Even if you’ve got a strict budget, there are lots of little ways to add a bit of luxury to that getaway.

Upgrade Those Seats

If you leave it until practically the last minute, you may be able to upgrade your plane seats for a pretty good price! If the airline hasn’t filled their business class area, then the prices are quickly dropped. It may be worth calling up the company you’re flying w0ith and finding out if there are any spare seats. You can also be a little bit cheeky and ask if there are any deals on upgrades. If you’re going away for a particular reason, such a birthday, make sure you mention it. Most big airlines have some pretty impressive customer service staff, who will bend over backwards to put a smile on your face. Hey, there’s no harm in asking…

Luxury Accommodation

Again, if you’re travelling for a special reason, then it may be worth letting your hotel know. If they can’t upgrade your room, then they may at least leave a bottle of bubbly on the bed. There are other ways to get luxury accommodation on a budget, however. I really like the idea of furnished apartment rentals as an alternative to hotels. You have to arrange your own food and drink, but you can get a much better deal on this type of accommodation. Plus, it means you don’t have to eat any dodgy looking hotel food. Simply head out to eat in your local area. Alternatively, stock up on goodies from the supermarket and serve up some impressive dishes yourself.

VIP Treatment

There are plenty of ways you can get a little bit of extra special treatment while on holiday. Whether it’s during a day trip or just the transfers from the airport. The secret is to plan, plan, plan. Work out exactly what you want to see and do while you’re away. Make a list and contact all of the companies that are involved. Let them know you’re planning a luxury trip of a lifetime and find out what extras they can provide. Many will be happy to throw in something extra for free or at least provide cheaper upgrades. Again, if you don’t ask then you don’t get. It’s a good idea to use comparison tools for things like transfers as well. You may find a better deal if you shop around. Maybe you could afford that limo to the airport after all…

Sarah x