Are you getting frustrated with your naturally curly hair? It can be difficult to deal with, but there are things that can make it easier…

Having Curly Hair Doesn’t Mean Not Brushing

People with curly hair often think that they don’t really have to (or can’t) brush their hair. But it can help your hair a lot of you do brush it, regardless of how curly it is. The main problem that a lot of people face after brushing their hair is when their hair turns into a mess. Doing the brushing just before you go to bed solves this problem.

When you wake up, it’ll be in a much better condition. The frizz and the mess will be tamed, and it should also look a bit more shiny and healthy. This is because brushing the hair helps to evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair. If you do it right, your hair will be softer and more manageable than ever before.

Use the Blow Dryer the Right Way

When you have naturally curly hair, using a blow dryer can become a real nightmare. A lot of people end up not using blow dryers because they’re sick of being left with a fuzzy mess on top of their head. But it is possible to blow dry your hair whether it’s curly or not. You just have to do it in the right way.

Before you start to use the blow dryer, you should let the hair dry on its own for as long as possible. Using a diffuser will give a better result than using a blow dryer without one. And hold the dryer under the hair rather than above it. You can bunch the hair up in your hand as you dry to reach all parts of the hair.

Avoid Dryness

When curly hair dries out, it tends to get very frizzy. This is a particular problem when the climate is hot and humid. There are ways to avoid your hair turning into a frizzy ball though. When the hair gets frizzy, it tends to mean you’re not giving your hair enough moisture to stay healthy and under control.

Luckily for you, there are endless products that will help keep your hair moisturised throughout the day, no matter how curly your hair is. You should use a brand of shampoo that’s non-sulfate, a strong conditioner and also a deep conditioner. If you use these products correctly, you’ll no longer have to worry about frizziness.

You Can Go Straight if You Want

It is possible for women with curly hair to straighten it if they really want to. I know a lot of people talk about the damage it causes to your hair, and this can be true. But if you are careful, there’s no reason why you can’t go straight. Try something like a Sedu hair straightener. Alternatively, you could do something a little more permanent. These permanent straightening options can be risky, though. So, maybe straighten it once in a while and embrace your curly!

Sarah x