I live for piercings (soz mam). To me, body modifications are an art form. It’s an extension of your personality – with added shiny bits. If you’re a freak like me let that flag fly.


Nose piercings are becoming a bit of a fad, they don’t suit everyone. Do it because you want one – not because your fav Instagram ‘celeb’ has one.

When we think of nose piercing, most of us think of the most common piercing – the nostril. However, that’s not the only type of nose piercing on offer; there are plenty of other options. How about getting two? Or how about having your septum pierced? This looks super cute and I would know ;)

For me personally, it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think. Most piercings are a sharp pain followed by a burning sensation. It’s over so quickly it’s difficult to remember it hurting after its done! I didn’t feel much pain with my septum, though it did make my eyes water instantly which was strange!

After you’ve had the piercing done, your nose will ache for a few days. It may also feel a little bruised. LEAVE IT ALONE!! You can grab a pack of ice to hold over any areas of soreness or swelling. It will be sore yes, but not painful as such.

You’ll still be able to go about your day, as usual; you’ll just need to be mindful of your newly pierced nose. If it’s REALLY painful, something may be wrong. See the piercer and then a medical professional if anything doesn’t feel right.

It goes without saying that to prevent your piercing from getting infected, you’ll need to clean  it. At a minimum, twice a day with a saline solution or your pierced recommended wash. Keeping it clean and listening to your piercer will stop your from getting any nasty bumps or weird leakages.

Nose piercing are beautiful, they add character to your face and give you the opportunity to buy lots of  jewelry. You can easily shop nose piercings online there are so many amazing designs and options to choose from that, at first, you’ll struggle to pick just one. Well, you don’t have to. I have a whole ‘wardrobe’ for mine!

At the end of the day, the great thing about piercings is that you can always take them out. If you’re not sure still – try a fake one and see how you feel. No one has to know!

Sarah x