Buying your new home can be one of the most arduous processes that you ever go through. It’s long, it’s tedious, and above all, it’s slow. Nothing moves fast-paced unless you’ve got buckets of money to throw at a solicitor or legal person, and even then there are certain rules and regulations in place which mean you can’t proceed faster than normal. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t start to get things ready while you’re waiting – in fact, it’s probably the best time to get yourself sorted.



Tie Up Loose Ends

Anything that hasn’t been done already will only hold you up when it nears to the completion date. Pop into your local real estate agents and see if there’s anything that can be done – this goes for signing, authorising surveys and generally making sure that everything is in order. It’ll also help to chase them up a bit and move things along at a faster pace if you go in to see them personally.

Pick Your Paint Palette

If you already know the layout of your home, have a look around your local hardware stores to get a feel for the paints that are on offer. Consider the schemes that you know will work; neutrals, as boring as they may sound, are often the way to go. Pastel colours work extremely well to lighten up dark and dreary rooms, and there are other tones to make rooms really pop and stand out. Getting ahead of the game and sourcing testers before the hurry of moving in when you get the keys will save you so much time in the long run, plus give you a clear head space for what you want to do.

Do A Wipe Down

If you haven’t put your furniture into storage or hidden it away somewhere, give it a good wipe down. This will help you eliminate any dust from it prior to moving, and it’ll help you look for any cracks or anything that needs fixing before you start to transport it; this can be vital to stop it from falling apart. It’ll also get it nice and clean ready to move into your new home. With flatpack furniture especially, the more time that you take to get it down ready to assemble again once you’ve moved, the less chance you have of it breaking.

Stop The Bills

Now is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with energy suppliers, internet providers, insurance companies – everybody – and tell them that you are moving house, cutting off your bills. They need to know a rough date, so even if you only have an estimate still, that’s better than nothing. Remember that when you move out you’ll need to give readings on gas, electric and water so you’re not charged for somebody else’s consumption. Ensure that you move yourself over to your new abode correctly and give the details of where you’ll be to forward any mail that accidentally ends up at your old home.

Sarah x