Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

As much as I love DIY, I love shortcuts. But who doesn’t? I mentioned in my last post I’d been experimenting with Chalk Paint. I now have a new found love. I feel sorry for my flatmate who will have to deal with my painting nearly everything I can.

So what is Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Swatch Photo Credit: Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has been knocking around a while. I discovered Chalk Paint at Handpicked Hall Leeds wandering around the stalls. It caught my eye because of its versatility, the matt finish and the ability to paint directly onto to furniture without all the boring sanding bits. Did I mention it doesn’t smell? (Cause it’s good for the environment!)

Chalk Paint isn’t the only product, and there are a lot of things I need to try out over the next few weeks. The wax gives the paint a nice sheen and makes it a bit more durable. I want to give a crackle varnish effect ago, maybe try some decoupage (oo la la!).

The range of colours is inspired by 18th and 20th décor, which for me is a massive bonus. I love the way the wood grain shows through the paint in a subtle way and the ‘vintage’ look is right up my street! Added bonus – the colours mix wonderfully so there are plenty of combinations to try out to extend the range. Aren’t they fab?

Sarah vs. end table

I acquired two small end tables from a friend, with a dark varnish finish. They don’t quite match the colour scheme of the apartment so I invested in a couple of pots of chalk paint and attacked one with paint.


At first, I tried painting with a sponge, it had a nice effect but wasn’t quite what I was after. I moved to my brush (try this one, cheap and cheerful!) and found that mixing it with a little water (I dipped my brush in some water – shortcuts yay!) provided me with the best coverage. I wanted the wood grain to show through, so I used about 3 layers of paint to get a solid matt finish, without loosing the wood finish.

Finished Chalk Paint Table

As this was really a test, I only used one solid colour, though I do have Emile that is a lovely colour.

Overall, it was easy to use, quick and looks great. You can make it a bit more complicated if you like by mixing colours and using different types of wax – but for a quick paint job it’s perfect!

The next project

Now I’ve tried and tested the paint, I’m ready to experiment! I still have the larger table to play with. I think I may invest in a few more colours, maybe mix something and see what effects I can create. I’ll keep you updated!

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Sarah x