Nouveau Lashes have won me over! I’m now an official member of the #LashGang. I’m pretty keen on the lashes so I’m more than happy to be! If you’re like me, before we even start talking about eyelashes watch their video on ‘How to Apply Strip lashes Like A Pro’:

I love strip lashes and find them so much easier to get close to the lash line. I’m not particularly amazing at putting on lashes but I’ve been getting on alright with these! I apply them with the Ultrabond glue, or makeup artists favourite Duo Glue. The Ultrabond glue that comes with the lashes is great though! I’ve managed to keep my lashes on overnight and they still look good!


These are both my favourite style from Nouveau Lashes:


Get your hands on lashes here, and while I’m at it heres a cheeky #Lashgang selfie ;)

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Sarah x