In our day-to-day lives, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to truly relax. We are all aware of the pressures surrounding young women these days, and it can sometimes feel like we always need to be doing something just to keep busy! We are taught by society that only lazy people relax – but this is completely not true! 

We all need time to relax, whether we’ve worked a fifty hour week or have been studying for exams. The time we choose to relax in should be our time and our time only, and can be hugely beneficial for both our mental and physical health. Plus, if we don’t take some time out for ourselves and just carry on working, we put ourselves at risk of simply burning out. Take a look at these easy ways to escape from the day that will enable you to return to regular life feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


These days, we are so consumed by the internet and television that we seem to have forgotten one of the oldest entertainment formats of all: reading. Perhaps you were a bookworm in your younger days and simply haven’t got back into it, or maybe you’ve never really read books at all before. Well, there is no better time to start than now. Reading in your spare time has been proven to help minimise stress, which is also linked to lowering the blood pressure. It doesn’t need to be a classically ‘difficult to read’ novel such as Wuthering Heights, or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Although by all means, give some of these a shot if you feel like it! The important thing is to read whatever you want to read, not what you think you should read.

Playing a game 

Thanks to recent advances in technology, we now have an abundance of online games available at our fingertips. We certainly have come a long way since the only game available on our phones was ‘Snake’! If you’re truly looking to relax, choose a game that isn’t too competitive, as this will only stress you out more. Instead, pick one that promotes ultimate escapism – something that transports you from your everyday world to a completely new one. For this kind of thing you can get free moviestarplanet vip, so you can indulge in a bit of escapism when things get stressful.

Chatting to a friend

When life gets on top of us, it’s often great to share your problem with a friend. After all, they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Simply meeting up with a friend for coffee can help quickly melt away stress, whether you choose to talk about what’s bothering you or not. Humans are social creatures, so it’s important to try not to spend too much time on your own, even if you are studying. Your friend could even simply come over to watch a movie. You may find that you find it easier to relax in the company of others, rather than getting distracted and worrying about other things.