It’s been busy! But Happy New Year and such… A little while ago I received a surprise parcel with a mini bottle of Brontë Liqueur Blackberry and Sloe – from Yorkshire, “God’s own county” may I add.

It’s pretty delicious. Even on its own – it’s a lovely flavor in its own right. I did surprise myself, mixing it with coffee liqueur and really enjoying it! I thought the consistency may not work together but it was the best.

The bottle claims deep blackberry and sloe, sweetened with wildflower honey and a hint of jasmine and I vouch for that. It’s very fragrant and tastes quite sweet – it’s not something you can drink fast but it certainly goes down well.

I thought it was sweet that for every bottle of the Brontë Liqueur sold, a small donation is made to support the work of the Bronte Society. I’ve been to Howarth on a school trip in my youth but I endeavor to go back and of course drink this liqueur…

Seen as though it’s still freezing here in Yorkshire, I thought I’d share something to warm your cockles. Cocktail recipe courtesy of the folks at brontë liqueur from their lovely website coming up…

Brontë Barista

This cocktail is easy to make at home and using the sweetness of the Brontë against the coffee works well. It’s great with a cream topping and for the next step, try adding vanilla flavored cream.

  • 35ml Brontë Liqueur
  • 25ml Dark Chocolate Liqueur
  • 100ml Coffee
  • Heavy Cream
  • Chocolate powder

Add a vanilla pod to your heavy cream and shake for twenty seconds. The flavor will infuse with the cream then gently layer on top.

Sarah x