Not long ago, I was invited back to The Mansion at Roundhay by Dine. They are definitely good with food and with my last visit being a night to remember, I was certainly looking forward to trying some new things. This time, dine wanted us to try their new menus and try and had us guess what a few of the items in the courses were. I’ll share the menus for this post, but it was fun trying to see how good I was at guessing what was flavouring a certain part of the meal (turns out, pretty terrible). The room was beautifully decorated with displays from Twisted Willow, including table aubergines. Which clearly are the key to a good Autumn meal right!? Anyway, onto the food.


Purple Radish canape Shell
with Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Caviar

Wild Mushroom Arancini
with Saffron Aioli

Fillet of Beef
rolled in Pistachio

Homemade Saffron Platted Bread

with Herb Infused Butter

There was a fun selection of canapĂ©s to start off our evening, presented in true Dine style, fabulously. I have to say, I hate anything with mushroom in and I ate at least 3 of the Wild Mushroom Arancini. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything mushroomy in my life that I’ve enjoyed that much!  The goat’s cheese canapĂ© looked lovely and wasn’t too bad, though I think it’s a little harder to change my mind about goats cheese over mushrooms, I still ate two… I get hungry.

Now, the beef was absolutely heavenly, it was just-cooked to absolute perfection, and the pistachios weren’t overpowering or too nutty – I wish I could replicate it at home!


Monkfish with flavours of the Sea

with Crispy Seaweed, Squid Ink Cracker, Oyster Ravioli, Scallop, Cauliflower Puree & Seaweed Oil

The starter was a selection of items that I wouldn’t have put together myself. The wine was paired perfectly with the seafood, must mention it, good wine is always a bonus! I’d say for this starter, it’s not a dish for those who don’t like strong flavours, though I thought overall it worked together. I’m not a huge seafood lover, but I don’t mind it so I was excited to try. I have to say the cracker was up there – not too squid-y you can’t my drift. Pun intended. But seriously, it was something totally different. The seaweed was delicious, the oyster and scallop went down quickly and the monkfish was beautifully light. I wasn’t bowled over with the cauliflower puree, I wasn’t sure the texture worked well for me, but other than that, it was incredibly tasty.


‘Duck not Duck’

Pan Seared Duck Breast, Duck Confit Leg & Crispy Wing,

with flavours of Butternut Squash, Beetroot Fondant, Saffron Pomme Chateau Potatoes,

and Baby Courgette, Heritage Carrots & Port Reduction

Now the red wine paired with the main is also worth a huge shout out. It was quite soft for want of a better word but again went well with the course. For me, the chateau potatoes were a little too aromatic and earthy, maybe it was the saffron. But oh my, oh my, the crispy duck was excellent. If I’d had my own way, I’d have had a plate full of that! It overshadowed the rest of the duck, though I did also enjoy them. The beetroot fondant was a nice little quirk, beetroots not something I particularly go for – but I finished the lot so that says it’s all.



‘A Sweet Walk to Autumn’

Dark Chocolate Tart,

with Blackcurrant Jelly, White Chocolate Mousse,

and Vanilla Creamsicle with Apple Meringue Dust

For dessert, the most important part, we tried a few things. Again I’ll mention the wine, a lovely dessert wine that was sweet, without being too sweet. I think some dessert wines can almost be a little syrupy, this was pretty good. The chocolate portion of the dessert was quite delicious, though the tart was a bit too rich for me! I thoroughly enjoyed the surrounding crumble, I could have had more! The creamsicle was a novel idea, and as an ice cream always is – a winner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to try the exciting looking sorbets. They were all white, but each a different flavour!

Overall I appreciated the combination of flavours, the Dine team and Chefs I know work incredibly hard to put together meals that are a little different, and delicious. Thanks to Olivia Brabbs for the photos.

Sarah x