Not long ago, I was invited into Leeds VQ and had a quick browse at Sweaty Betty. I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve heard of the brand but never been able to get to a store.
 sweaty betty leeds victoria quater
Now I’m big into gymnastics/dance based fitness, I always want something nice to wear.  It can be difficult to find something functional and flattering. I love that some of the clothing is even reversible!
What did I like? Breathable material, fun colours, stretchy, soft to the touch and support. It’s a fun brand, the items are reasonably priced but expect to pay a little more than high-street brands. I think if the quality of the material makes a difference when you are working out, they’ve paid for themselves!
Not only do they have decent clothes, but they also have a selection of classes available some free and some for only a fiver.
sweaty betty leeds victoria quater
There’s a full studio upstairs and the classes range from Bodysculpt to Yoga, with amazing tutors. I’ve not had a chance to pop by yet but I’m sure I will – it’s such a good idea.

Mums Word


“I saw sporty, stylish clothes for women in a shop with enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. One staff member said ‘I don’t perspire I sweat’ there’s no hiding that we do in sport, so we need the right clothing for the job. I didn’t seem much for the over 50’s but when speaking to the staff they said they get women of all ages through their doors. It’s great that they have classes for women of all ages as well. I didn’t see much for curvier ladies but I will have to look online at their full range.”

Sarah x