Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! Sometimes you just need to look at things a little different to make it work for you…


It sounds daft, but before you start any project you may as well spend a little time on planning it out. Even if you just grab a big piece of paper and stick some of your favourite ideas to paper – it gives you a starting point and an idea of what you need. Of course, there’s always Pinterest! There are already so many people out there collating beautiful bathroom ideas, that it’s easy to get inspired and started on Pinterest. If you’re REALLY going for it, use a tool like Trello or make a checklist of everything you need. You’ll be grateful for it when you start to make changes!

Pait It White

Re-painting your bathroom can make a world of difference, no matter whether you’re doing it yourself, or hiring a pro. It doesn’t mean taking the thing apart, but it will give your bathroom a lease of life. Use a light colour, even just white to make it seem brighter, lighter and airier. If you miss colour, accessorise with your bath towels, floormats, shower curtains and other addon items. Get creative!

Declutter & Store

Tidying is never fun, but if you tackle your house one room at a time it’s a bit easier. Bathrooms are usually well used, of course, making it easier to collect items. Do you really need that face wash you bought in an airport 3 years ago and haven’t used since in your bathroom caddy? Minimise on items and cut down to the essentials. Then look at the storage you really need – you may not need as much as you think! Look for clever storage solutions and if you’re a renter and can’t make changes, look at portable storage options. Even consider adding shelving that you can take down easily with strong no-residue sticker or glue, so you can remove it without marks. If you really want to feel a difference, why not hire a cleaner to blitz your bathroom for an hour? We all get busy and need a hand from time to time, so don’t be afraid to look into a little extra help to get you started.

Wet, Wet, Wet (Rooms)

If you can revamp – a wet room is a good way to save on space and have a modern looking bathroom. By going with the very European wet room, you can either go for a shower with a bit of a partition or one that’s completely open. Then, you just have to make sure your bathroom floor is able to drain away – the idea is not to have a constantly flooded wet room! The advantage is, that you can save space when it comes to a shower unit and make a tiny bathroom feel a lot bigger. If your current bathroom isn’t quite up to scratch, if you’re local to me (Yorkshire), you could consider professionally designed wet rooms from Harrogate Bathrooms. If not, I’m sure you could find a professional in your area – Google is your friend!

Finish It

One thing nearly everyone is a little guilty of is not quite finishing the job we set out to do. If you do decide to go all-in on sprucing up your bathroom – remember the small details. Things like grout, sealant, fixtures and fittings.

It doesn’t have to be boring! Find fixtures and fittings you love, I’m a big fan of anything shiny and chrome. If you can’t find any you like, buy plain ones and paint ’em with waterproof paint! The great thing about fixtures and fittings is that it is cheaper to look at things like replacing or decorating tap spouts and showerheads than it is to overhaul the entire room.

When it comes to grout and sealant – make sure you put a bit of effort in. You don’t want your nice new bathroom to be spawning mould and falling apart after a few uses.

Don’t be afraid to start work on your bathroom, no matter how big all small. If you want to be able to relax in a nice bath or a long shower, you need to make the most of whatever space you have!

Sarah x

Sarah x