I have a lot of stuff. Not things I need, just stuff. Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll catch me on a Channel 4 hoarders documentary, if I’m going to keep all this, stuff, I need storage and a lot of it.


My storage crisis is so serious I’ve included it on my Bucket List. I’ve not yet managed to perfectly store all my mounting piles of beauty products, but I did get these little guys from Viking Direct* which have cleared up away a lot of this ‘stuff’ I’ve got lying around. I’ve never really thought to buy from Viking online, but they do have some really nice things – I’m a bit in love with this spotty range.


I have a bit of an obsession with stationary and small things, so imagine the glee when I opened these up! Pretty much perfect for all my acrylic nail and craft supplies. I’ve been able to separate my bits and bobs into boxes, stack them and I’ve just started to label them so everything has its place. My mother would be proud.


In other news, this little guy came out of nowhere when I took these. Don’t worry I’ve not stashed him in a box…

Any amazing storage solutions? @sarahxsarahh

Sarah x