After visiting the Olympia Beauty Show a few months ago, one of the brands I saw at the show got in touch so I could try out one of their products.


I’m currently not trying to loose lots of weight, but am looking to tone up and maintain my weight so I opted for a meal replacement shake – Boot Camp Body.

“This Meal Replacement Shake is a high protein nutrition shake with a little sugar and sweeteners and can been used as part of a low calorie diet (LCD) or a very low calorie diet (VLCD).”

I chose chocolate, because, of course I did but there is also strawberry and vanilla flavor. I mixed the shake in a SmartShaker, though you can pick up so many of these shakers from almost anywhere now – doesn’t have to be that one!


As it’s a powder to be mixed with water, I recommend you use a shaker. It’s much easier than trying to stir and dissolve all of the mix.

Anyway, the shake comes with a scoop so you can add your portions and mix. It’s a huge container and I’m sure it’ll last me a while yet!

I personally went with two shakes a day Monday to Friday for nearly two weeks, just to see if it’d help me loose a bit of extra weight. Now, with all these shakes you shouldn’t expect instant miracles. The point is that you eat well around the shake and maintain exercise. If you don’t you can’t expect amazing results!

“For Weight Loss: Two meals should be substituted with a meal replacement. 1 x 60g (2 scoops) to replace each of the 2 meals. Mix the 2 scoops thoroughly with 300ml of water and drink. Your other meal should be well balanced.
For Weight Maintenance after weight loss: one meal per day should be substituted with a meal replacement.”

I’d have a shake for breakfast, finding it did keep me full for a good few hours, not being hungry again till around lunchtime. Then, I’d have one at lunch with some chopped fruit and a glass of water. In the evenings, I’d have a full meal, like salmon and veg with potatoes.


I have to say, after a couple of weeks and now having the odd shake for breakfast, I have lost a couple pounds and noticed a slight change. I reckon if I keep it up, having the odd two-week Monday to Friday deals, then going back to the odd shake, it’ll definitely help me on my journey and to maintain!

Take a look and try them out for yourself. There are also teatox’s and other products to help you on your health kick. I can’t stress enough that these products work if you use them as part of a healthy lifestyle – you can’t rely on them alone but they certainly help.

Sarah x