Like everyone, I end up getting bits everywhere. There’s ‘stuff’ all over the place and it gets a bit hetic at times. 

When it comes to keeping your home looking nice, it can sometimes be tricky, especially when money is tight. However, it is doable, all it takes it a little bit of creativity. 

  1. Do a deep clean

Even if you keep your house clean, doing a deep clean every so often can do wonders for the look of your home. While you might vacuum your carpets regularly, have you ever considered having them cleaned? Have you ever thought of washing the walls inside your home?

Dirt gets everywhere, so cleaning the places that you wouldn’t normally focus on is important. Sometimes when we are unhappy with our homes but can’t put our fingers on why that is, it’s because it might be looking a little grubby. Give your home a deep clean, and trust me, it will look a hundred times nicer.

  1. Get rid of that junk

If you have lots of junk laying around your home, you’re not alone. The main problem is that when we buy something nice, no matter how old it is we just can’t seem to let it go. Well, I know I can’t, anyway.

If you want your home to look nice, you need to be strict with yourself. You can’t keep items that you no longer need, as otherwise, your home will become over full. Take some time to work on getting rid of any junk that you no longer need, working on one room at a time.

Any items that you no longer want can be thrown out or sold – you can use the money you make from this for home improvements. If there are any items that you want to keep but have no room for, consider putting them in self-storage. Believe it or not, self-storage prices aren’t too high, so it is an affordable option.

  1. Add storage

If your home lacks storage space, the chances are that it will be a mess. If you don’t have enough storage in your home, it might be a good idea to consider changing that. It’s amazing how simply adding a few shelves here and there, can make all the difference to how tidy your home is.

If you aren’t a DIY expert, there is no need to stress, as putting up shelving is actually, surprisingly easy. You can find lots of tutorials online if you are unsure how to go about it, so make sure to have a look at these.

As well as using shelving as storage, I am a real fan of wooden storage crates. They are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, as they offer lots of storage and also double as great seats! Add a throw and a couple of stylish cushions, and you’ve got a comfortable extra seat.

  1. Dot plants about

There is something about adding nature to your home that instantly makes the space look a lot livelier. By adding plants to your home, you can make the place look a lot more appealing. The best plants to have are leafy green ones, as these look great all year around.

  1. Paint old furniture

Got a piece of old furniture that’s looking a little worse for wear? If you can’t afford to replace it, why not revamp it? Believe it or not, revamping old pieces of furniture isn’t hard; all it takes is some sandpaper and a coat or two of paint.

The best thing about renovating old furniture is the fact that you can decorate it in any way that you want to. Plus, by giving it a new look, you can improve the look and feel of the room that it’s placed in.

  1. Get creative with wall art

Instead of having just one or two pieces of wall art in each room, get creative with it. If you want to make your home a little nicer, the answer could be in the way in which you decorate it. Fill an area of a wall with various pictures and prints to create an amazing focal point.

  1. Add scented candles to each room

I don’t know about you, but I love scented candles. My favourites are the lovely candles from Yankee – they smell divine.

I always find that when I add a scented candle to a room, it makes the space feel much more homey, as well as making it smell amazing.

  1. Make it your own

When I visit other people’s homes, one of the first things I notice is those individual little touches. What I mean by ‘little touches’ is the pieces of decor that aren’t focal points, but add something extra.

Things like a string of fairy lights or bunting hung around the room, might be small things, but they make a big difference to the feel of the space. Rugs, throws and cushions are also all things that can significantly change the look and feel of a room.

Making your home look nicer isn’t as difficult as you would think, all you need to do is make a few small changes. Simple things, like adding accessories can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home.

Sarah x