Liz Earle is one of my all-time favourite skincare brands. I love their products, but I’m going to try and stop myself from gushing too much, so I can concentrate on a few things.

liz earle cleanse and polish

Myself and a couple of other bloggers were invited to Liz Earle in Victoria Quarter Leeds. After a much-needed glass of Prosecco, I was treated to a hand massage. The woman who did my treatment was incredible!

What I didn’t know about this store, is that they have treatment rooms upstairs, like any salon. The rooms are beautiful and I can’t wait to go back to try a treatment! Here are a few I want to try…

I came away with a bottle of my No.1 go to beauty product – Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser. If you’ve not tried it – at least give it a shot!

liz earle cleanse and polish

I think including this as part of your routine makes a huge difference to your skin and the amount of makeup you remove. Not only that but it’s delicate and smells beautiful – a little really goes a long, long, way.

If you follow the instructions and use the provided muslin cloth, it helps to gently exfoliate and clean the skin.

Just to finish things off, we popped over to Filmore and Union for a tasty smoothie – the perfect way to spend my evening! (I even went back that very evening for a slimdown smoothie and I have to say, I think I’ve found my perfect hangover cure).

filmore and union juice smoothieIf you’re in Leeds – make sure you visit Liz Earle and pop over to Filmore right infront. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed visiting our Liz!

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Mum’s word

From the perspective of the 50+ (still looking 21 though amiright?!) my mum shared a thought or two.

liz earle cleanse and polish

“Liz Earle is a brand that was recommended to me by my sister. I’m not someone who uses many products so I’ve been skeptical and unsure of these products.

However, after hearing about the range and trying the cleanse and polish for myself, I went into the store to purchase gift sets for presents and get some advice for myself – that very week! Liz Earle is an all ages-brand, which is something that not many brands offer.”


“When I joined the girls at Filmore, I tried the smoothie which I thought should be named ‘The Power of Pink’! It was made from ginger, beetroot, apple and carrots. There’s no specific age-range for these drinks. A trip to Liz Earle for a treatment followed by a smoothie is a great way to spend a weekend.

At Filmore, the juices and smoothies can be made for each individual which is nice, from weight loss to brain boosting and body cleansing. Although I prefer to make my juices at home, Filmore & Union has a lovely relaxing, unhurried and comfortable vibe. It’s inviting, family friendly and somewhere I’d try again and again.”

Sarah x

Photos courtesy of Liz Earle and Filmore&Union