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When I’ve worked with bloggers (on the other side) I often feel like I’m thought of as the bad guy. Some of us are kinda nice! I love working with bloggers and being able to offer them exciting things. Therefore, I’m sharing some tips I think are beneficial. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to SEO, I’m covering some basic area’s that I’ve picked up along the way.

Page Rank

Simply put, Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google that decides where your web page ranks in search engine results. Page Rank works by taking into account the number of quality links you have pointing to your site, which gives Google an idea of how influential your website is. SEO exists to ensure that you have these links and get noticed on the Internet. It’s also key that Page Rank is not the only way Google values your website, there are various other things involved. Page Rank has become an out-dated tool and many refer to Domain Authority instead.

Sponsored posts

This is the big one.  Everyone wants to make a little something from their blog.The way websites are ranked is changing, it’s pulling away from unnecessary links and keyword stuffing and moving towards good content. This means good quality websites will rank higher on Google for search terms.

Google say it best: “The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community.”

It can be risky to concentrate your blog income on sponsored posts. They can be good for both parties, but remember to concentrate on your organic content. Don’t forget there are other ways you can make an income from your blog through advertisements, endorsements, affiliate schemes etc, use a healthy mix!

Working with brands

I know many brands seem like they are rolling in cash to hand out here and there. Unfortunately many PR’s and SEO’s do their job without cash on hand to offer. But there are still other ways it can be mutually beneficial. Many bloggers take personal offence to not being offered money and don’t consider other benefits.

It’s likely that if you’re contacted by an SEO agency that they work with several brands in your industry. Every blogger wants to be noticed by their favourite brands and magazines. It seems self-destructive to turn an opportunity down at the first instance as you will find you’ll miss out on opportunities from other similar brands.

There’s more to working with brands than sponsored posts. Once you work with them once and do a good job, you’ve created a relationship with that brand. You’ll be the first port of call for future content. PR is heavily involved in SEO therefore, you could also miss opportunities for press days, goody bags, events and competitions. It’s more likely the brand will become aware of you if they notice a stand out piece of content you’ve created for them, which could lead to future endorsements.

Of course, make sure the brand or brand reps demands are reasonable, don’t ever sell yourself short!

Getting links

In order to push your blog up the rankings, you need to get links. My advice is to avoid unnecessary links; if it’s not something you or your readers would want to visit it’s not worth it. If you want to push your way up to rank for terms like ‘fashion blogger’ or ‘tech blog’ work with other similar sites and collaborate on worthy content.

A few tips:

  • Don’t just sit on your blog and expect to get noticed
  • Build relationships with bloggers and brands you respect
  • Share your posts on social media and use relevant tags
  • Contribute guest posts to other reputable sites
  • Create QUALITY content
  • Be aware of Google’s guidelines

The guidelines don’t mean you should shy away from guest posting or linking in any way. If you have a good quality website, producing good quality natural links from reputable sources it’s a good thing.

I know not every SEO Company works in the same way. Some companies will still use ‘spammy’ techniques to get links quickly; some will just expect you to create posts without any real benefits. It’s unfair for you to create quality content without getting anything out of it. If they can’t offer you money, would the relationship be more beneficial in the long term? Would you like to work with the brand in the future? It’s something to consider.

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