Safety first kids!

Smartphone – This gorgeous little device is nearer and dearer to me than anyone or anything. This is probably because it has helped me become so much closer to everyone I love. Social media, maps to meeting places, phone calls, texts, FaceTime and Skype are just some of the ways I can stay in touch all day. I would be lost without it, so I make sure it is always in a case. I’ve also recently found some great mirror-effect screen protectors. When the screen is off, I can see my reflection pretty clearly, ideal for last minute brow-drama. I’d also highly recommend getting it insured. It’s a pain but it’s worth it.

iPad – Without a bendy stand case for my iPad, there is no way I can get on with my day. The case holds the pad up at just the right angle so I can watch YouTube videos or movies. What I really love is just how many different iPad Air cases there are out there at the moment. They’re so quick and easy to change, and they wrap right around the iPad really easily. I can sit in the cafe looking pretty awesome with the latest fashion case!

Dog Collar – I’ve always wanted a french bulldog, and if I had one, I wouldn’t let him out of my sight! Of course, there are some very handy devices to help with that. You can now buy GPS trackers for your dogs in the form of a collar. Use an app to track them in real time if they wander further than the boundary of your garden. Love it as an idea. Though is a bit creepy, but you don’t wanna loose your cutie pie.

My Photos –  I love taking photos, and despite my love of all things digital, there are some that just have to be printed and framed forever.  As it’s my dream to be published, a lot of my works are online, in digital form. Digital protection these days is really tough, but there are ways to claim what’s yours to dissuade others from stealing it. Keep a data backup of your images on an encrypted portable hard drive just in case your devices fail.

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