I love Rust-Oleum craft paints. They are so versatile and often don’t need a primer or much prep work.


SO I heard all about Rust-Oleum glitter paint and of COURSE I wanted to try it. I’m ready to glitter-fy everything…

blognew-1I thought I’d start small with my mirror frame to see how it goes. My mirror frame is pretty dull as you can see on the left. For best results, I painted it with a black background, using a Rust-Oleum spray paint for the base.

After leaving it to dry, I gave the Rainbow paint a gooood old stir. Once you give it a good stir, you’ll be able to see the GLORY of all the glitter.

Using a standard brush, I painted it onto the frame. At first, it has a blue-ish tint but quickly dries to clear.

Once I gave my mirror frame a few coats, it built up to a beautifully shiny finish. My mirror now looks rather glamorous in my room!img_0822

I’m hoping in the new year I’ll have a few chances to decorate some more things and cover them with so much glitter. SO much glitter.img_0835

I imagine this paint would look rather snazzy on black tiles, or even on kitchen-top surfaces. Try it for yourself!

img_0848Sarah x