I went and bought some stuff. Is it nearly payday yet?

Argan Oil of Morocco

hair oil

I’ve never seen or heard this brand before but it was a good find! I picked it up in Superdrug, it was reasonably priced and has a fair amount in the bottle. Oils/Serums for hair tend to come in small packages.It works best after washing your hair, though I just use it as I go.

Revlon Colorburst & Barry M Lipliner


New favourite combo? I think the Revlon colorburst smells slightly odd but it’s a lovely colour. The Lipliner is much darker and I’ve been wearing it underneath the colorburst because it’s quite bright!


Colourburst swatch to the back, lipliner to the front.

Bourjois Mega Liner and Benefit Brow Kit

brow kit

These are two things I keep buying again and again. I tend to use the wax from the brow kit and a black eyeshadow on top (goth brows) but if I’m not wearing much make-up or don’t want it to be as heavy, I wear it with the powder. I think I’ll always buy this, there’s never been one I’ve liked more. Same goes for the mega liner. It doesn’t dry out and become a useless felt tip after a while. Also, it has an angled tip – perfect for winged eyeliner.

Nars & No7

nars and no7

I’ve just replaced my No7 with my beau – Nars Sheer Matte. I do often tend to mix the two for my perfect shade. These are both my favourites for something that’s matte and not too heavy. I buy Nars usually on payday and No7 when I want something a bit more affordable!

Still ever needing more. @sarahxsarahh