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It’s Easter and we’ll all be a little bit naughty and eat too much chocolate – if that is such a thing. I’ve been using UltraDex products since I tried a few samples at a blogger event. I have to say, I enjoyed using them all in my quest for perfectly white teeth. I just wanted to share some advice from UltraDex and leading dentists, it seemed like an apt time with the incoming chocolate onslaught. I’m terrified of the dentist, as many of us are. It’s shocking how large a proportion of the UK population don’t even get round to brushing your teeth. The tooth fairy knows guys. She’ll be taking back those teeth.

  • Join The Dark Side! It is thought that dark chocolate can inhibit the activity of certain bacteria in your mouth due to the high level of antioxidants. The potentially off-putting bitter taste of dark chocolate is due to the tannin content, but some tannin can prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth.
  • Leave Out The Sugar, Sugar. It’s the sugar in chocolate that causes tooth decay, so before you go ‘choco-loco’, there are lots of sugar-free chocolates on the market now. Although excessive consumption is still not recommended these are a definite alternative which are kinder to our teeth.
  • Avoid sticky situations. Toffees and hard sweets are out in full force at Easter and they can pull out fillings as well as getting stuck between your teeth so aren’t ideal Easter treats! Plain chocolate is much easier to wash away with water or a good quality mouthwash. Chocolate with gooey fillings or caramel centres make it much harder to clean your teeth. To help minimise damage, if you cannot rinse with a fluoride mouthwash after your meal, keep interdental brushes handy. I’ve been trying to keep a box of UltraDex wire-free brushes handy! Good habits guys.
  • Eat It All At Once. . It’s a much better option to go full-indulgent mode just once, straight after meals as a dessert for example, rather than snacking throughout the day. Eating small amounts every few hours means you are exposing tooth enamel to multiple acid attacks. Eating your whole egg in one go means you can dive straight to your oral care range and only have to repair the damage once. FYI this doesn’t mean eat the whole confectionary counter of your corner shop as soon as you get home!


  • Wash your mouth out! The caffeine in chocolate may dry out your mouth, which can cause bacteria to grow and smells to form! A simple glass of water will refresh your mouth and wash smells away. For fresh breath and oral hygiene on-the-go, dentists recommend the UltraDexFresh Breath Oral Spray for 12 hours fresh breath! I’m quite a fan of this myself – if you try anything I’d give this a go. You can’t always rinse, so pop one in your bag!

Leading dentist Mervyn Druian says: “There’s no way of avoiding the temptation of chocolate, especially around Easter time, but there are ways we can protect our teeth from the sugar attack. Balancing treats with a good dental regime is very important, and I’m going to definitely try some sugar-free alternatives this year!”

I’m trying out mouthwash & toothpaste from ultraDEX at the moment, fingers crossed I’ll have Hollywood-white teeth aye ;)

 Sarah x