There are a lot of things in your life that you need to look after and it seems to be very difficult to keep private these days. Because of the way the internet works it seems like everyone has access to our personal lives – social media is everything to us now, we don’t realise how much we give away. It’s easy to get paranoid and all the documentaries on TV don’t help either…  But, you don’t need to shut yourself away to feel privacy in your home.


Of course, you will have locks on the front and back doors of the home, these are the key security for the property for any property. I’d be worried if you didn’t! It is an idea to invest in interior locks as well, especially if you rent or share. A little bit of extra privacy can give you peace of mind. Interior locks are also perfect for any parties – you can lock your valuables safely out of sight!

Digital locks are a great complement to your home too. Ranging mechanical locks to high end digital locks and even Biometric fingerprint readers,” says spokesperson from the best lock supplier and locksmith Newcastle has to offer.” – QuickPick locksmiths.


Of course, curtains are a huge feature and a cornerstone of almost any home. Good curtains or blinds will help to keep unwanted eyes out! When it gets dark, and you have the lights on, people will be able to see into your property that’s when you need to make sure you draw the curtains. Curtains are commonplace in all homes, and they often prove more popular than blinds. You don’t have to go for boring curtains, they’re so common you really can get almost any design.


Shutters often make me think of quaint cottages and holiday apartments. It’s not for every home, but if you feel you need the extra security, shutters can look nice and be functional. Take a look at different ranges available of residential roller shutters, they’re adaptable and more flexible than you’d think. They are also a way to let light in, without prying eyes being able to look in! Perfect for summer evenings when you want a bit of extra privacy and fresh air.


Privacy for the property is not just limited to the inside of the home. Outdoors, you can get creative and make nice additions to the garden, all whilst being able to make it more private? Of course, the most obvious is going to be putting up a fence. But, you could also consider hedgerows. These look fantastic and mean you can relax in your garden without feeling like the world is watching you!

Sarah x