So you’ve written a blog post that you know your readers will love. Now how do you make your post stand out from the thousands of others out there? Researchers from the Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre in Toronto, Canada, found that humans remember pictures better than words. Another study by MIT neuroscientists found that the human brain can process images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. This means that visual information is better understood and remembered. So take those photos and add them to your blog post for a visual experience your readers won’t forget.

Here are five tips to help you produce great photos for your blog posts:

Choose the Right Camera for You

If you have funds available and you’re willing to invest in photography equipment, get a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. A DSLR camera lets you take high-resolution photos resulting in better image quality. You can also get complementary essentials, such as a tripod, to help you take steady shots and a wireless camera remote for selfies and group shots.

If you’re just starting out or you don’t have the funds to buy heavy-duty photography equipment, you can always use your smartphone.

Use Natural Light

When taking photos, it’s always best to use a natural light source. For indoor photos, shoot near an open door or a large open window. For outdoor photos, avoid shooting directly under the sun. Find a spot that diffuses sunlight instead, such as under a tree. If possible, shoot an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset to give your photos that soft, warm glow. You can also play with lighting and see whether your photos turn out better by having light come in from one side or another.

Take Photos from Different Angles

Surprise yourself by snapping photos from different angles. Aside from shooting a photo from your direct point of view, try shooting it from another line of sight. Grab a chair and take a photo directly overhead or shoot from the ground. Move around and take photos from different sides to capture shadows and light and highlight your subject in interesting ways.

Try Different Backgrounds

Your background is just as important as your subject. To make your subject stand out, use a white backdrop for colorful DIY projects, and choose fabrics, cutlery and dishes that complement your food creations. For an edgy beauty or fashion photo, take pictures on an alleyway or against a graffiti wall. When shooting indoors, choose a wall adorned with paintings, decorative tiles or even hardwood floors. You can also take it outside and shoot photos on your terrace, porch or yard.

Repurpose Your Photos for Social Media

After including a photo or two and clicking on that submit button, your post is finally up. Why not promote it on social media to gain more readers and followers? You can even use the photo on your blog post to make it more appealing on social media. Add your blog post title to the photo, or extract a short quote from your content. You can edit your photos using tools like Canva, which allows you to upload images and add text. Canva also has social media templates to create images for different platforms.