wolf and tiger

It’s been a hectic week. It’s Tour De France today, between me and my flatmate we got some pretty good videos and photos roadside!

I’ve been doing a few other things like blogging for Oh Hey Nina and writing for Eat More Cake.

I’ve also discovered something else. As you may have gathered from this¬†post,¬†I’m a big fan of anything handmade or upcycled, like this pair of earrings and necklace from Wolf & Tiger*.

“Originally inspired by the Radiohead song Fake Plastic Trees, the store (originally FPT) Wolf & Tiger wishes for a world that celebrates the unique, is kind to people, the Earth, and ditches run-of-the-mill.”

wolf and tiger

I’m a little bit in love with these earrings, made from lockets which were broken.

I don’t wear earrings that often these days, still quite attached to my one stretched ear¬†from the days of being a bit emo at school (I can’t believe how long ago that was..), but the other is back to normal, not sure I can part with both!¬†Luckily I have my ears pierced twice on both sides, so I’ll make an effort for these.

I love this necklace too – with the skull it’s definitely calling to the goff in me.It’s amazing the bits and pieces people find to use to make something. Never seems to happen to me! But maybe I need to look harder…

wolf and tiger

All there pieces are made from:

  • Second-hand
  • Saved-from-landfill
  • Reconditioned
  • Sustainable sources
  • Recycled from broken
  • Upcycled household finding

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 15.46.15

I have to say¬†is definitely one of my favourite items from the store. For some reason, I’m slightly obsessed with birdcages. No idea why, but I feel like I can never have too many. Probably not going to get a bird though.

Follow them on Facebook – it’s well deserved.

Visit their store here!

Sarah x