Choosing what to wear when you’ve just woke up and still got sleep in your eyes can sometimes feel like the hardest decision you have to make all day.  It’s harder still if you have a wardrobe that’s fit to burst or lots of mismatched items which don’t seem to go with anything else that you own.  It’s often easier to have a few fail-safe outfits that you wear over and over but this can get really tiresome.

This is why creating a capsule wardrobe can be a really good idea.  The concept is simple – you have a small curated collection of clothes that can be combined together to make different outfits.  Here are a few reasons why a capsule wardrobe might be beneficial for you.

It Will Probably Save You Money

There are no strict guidelines on how many items make up a capsule wardrobe because everyone is different but the general consensus is between 30 to 40.  The general idea is to have versatile pieces which can be worn in numerous different ways with various other items.  So if one jumper goes with half of your wardrobe and suits lots of different occasions there’s no reason to have another six jumpers in your capsule collection.  Needing less clothes means you’ll be spending a lot less and therefore have more money to treat yourself to something different instead.

One Less Thing to Stress You Out

The beauty of having a capsule wardrobe is that deciding what to wear is so much easier and much less of a chore.  With less options, the decision-making process is automatically easier and once you’ve got used to what items go together you’ll instinctively know which outfit to pick.  It also means you’ve got much more time to spare which is nearly always a bonus when you’re getting ready to go out somewhere.  Instead of trying on five different pairs of jeans because you can’t remember which ones fit you could be trying out a new eyeliner technique instead or just having a quick coffee before you leave.

You’ll Know What You Actually Need

Having an organized and tidy closet will make it a lot easier to see what items of clothing you are missing.  As you combine various items from your capsule wardrobe to make outfits you might think of other ways you could wear something or how an additional piece could amp up a look to make it more on trend.  The other benefit is that when you’re shopping you’ll have more direction and focus on what you need and you’ll be less likely to buy things that look nice but require five other pieces to form an outfit.

So, those are the key benefits to having a capsule wardrobe but there’s also a few other points to remember.  Firstly, make sure the pieces you’ve chosen are all pieces that you love and want to wear continuously.  If you have a top that you keep avoiding for whatever reason then it probably shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe.  Secondly, take variables into consideration such as weather, seasons, trends and occasions to ensure your capsule wardrobe is as effective as possible.

Sarah x