Carpet is pretty nice isn’t it. There’s something more tempting about soft carpet than cold wood floors. Wooden floors, stone tiles, whatever other materials you decided to floor with (… technical term) all have their place. But if you decide you need a little carpet in your life, that’s okay too. But, where do you start?!


Underlay isn’t as fun to go shopping for but carpets need a solid foundation for support and to add extra cushioning. Although you can’t see it, you’ll soon know if it’s not there! Made usually from rubber or foam, underlay can also act to conceal flooring irregularities and improve the overall appearance of your carpeted floor. It insulates, absorbs sound too, protecting you from noisy neighbors or your neighbors from noisy you ;)

When you’re shopping around, consider the room type. For example, a hallway will need a good, firm underlay while guest bedrooms or rarely used rooms will need less protection.

Google it.

In this putrid modern world, so much information is at your finger tips. Before you head out to shops, do a little research on the different materials available. Depending on your budget, you may go for something different than the luxury shag-pile carpet you had in mind. Things like wool feel pretty fabulous and look pretty luxurious but it might be a bit on the pricer side. If you just can’t part with the idea, instead of shopping for pure wool, look for synthetic alternatives or wool blends. There may be a difference in price on the fitting of the carpet, depending on the type. There are loads of resources out there that break down carpet fitting costs though!


Don’t think of your carpet separately from your interiors when you’re shopping. You may get distracted by the nicest ones in the store, but do they really fit your room? Think about how much you want the carpet to be a focal point. Do you want it to be bold and bright or muted and subdued? Is there a mood you are trying to set for the room? Thinking about these things before had will make the whole process a lot easier. It means you can head straight to the colours you like and spend less time in carpet shops. Unless you’re really into that.


A biggie with choosing carpet is your lifestyle. If you’ve got kids, or are likely to have small ones tottering around, then maybe an expensive cream carpet isn’t a good idea. Do you live out in the country? Then maybe don’t put a thick, luxury carpet near where it might get a little muddy. If you’re a single millennial living their best life, then maybe you can afford to choose lighter colours. BUT. If you’re as messy and clumsy as I am, maybe a darker shade or pattern might be a better choice.


As with painting, it’s pretty easy to get hold of samples of carpet to see how they look in your home. One thing to consider, is that like with clothes, on the shop floor the carpet of your dreams may look a lot more attractive on the shelf (or roll) that it does on your floor. Go crazy with samples, mull over them and see how they ‘feel’ in your home. There’s nothing worse than when you start painting and realise it doesn’t quite match the paint you have. So on a big purchase like this, make sure that you’re 100% happy before you buy!

Sarah x