Of course, we all want to live long and happy lives. The problem is that our bad habits can cause us issues in the long run. 

#1 Take up running

Running is an excellent way to stay fit and get rid of any stress you have. If you feel that you need to stay healthy, you should start running each day. Running is a great cardio workout, which means that it will help you to improve your heart. The harder you work, the more benefits you will see.

#2 Learn to relax and get rid of stress

Do you know how to relax? It might sound like a stupid question, but it is one that you need to consider. Now and then, it is important that you take some time for yourself. Try my five ways to relax – stress is unhealthy. In the long run, it can lead to heart failure and other problems. You don’t want to have to worry about those things. Once you start ridding yourself of stress, you will find that you no longer have an issue.

#3 Stop smoking (for good)

When you smoke on a regular basis, you are damaging your body more than you know. I know, it is an addiction, but at least give it a shot. Try e-cigs so that you can wean yourself off cigarettes? You can get vape liquid that will give your e-cig any flavour you want. That means that quitting your bad habit will be a little easier.

#4 Only eat when you’re hungry

Do you eat out of boredom? Well, you’re not alone. We’re all guilty of this sin from time to time. If you’re sitting at home, it’s all too tempting to head to the cupboard and see what you’ve got. The problem is that when you eat because you have nothing to do, you can end up overeating. Try to train yourself to only eat when you’re hungry, it’s difficult but it works!

#5 Sleep for seven hours each night

I hate to say it, but you know that there is such a thing as over-sleeping? If you get too much rest, it can hinder your body. You might find that you feel sleepy during the day or that you can’t concentrate. You should around seven hours sleep per night. Try not to hit that snooze button!Sarah x