Moving is a huge deal and it can be a logistical nightmare alone, so you don’t need money concerns throwing themselves on top of your stresses. A lot of people get caught and surprised by how expensive a move can be. The process of hiring when you can’t do it yourself can bring a lot of hidden costs if you’re not careful. So, how do you make sure that you’re being efficient and economic with your big trip?

Be flexible

Preparation is key to a successful and non-stressful move. But you shouldn’t wait until you’ve hashed out a time with your moving company before you start packing everything up. Get your move organized early. Decide a date on your own to start working on packing everything non-essential up and use a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. Having almost everything ready to go means that you’re able to be a lot more flexible when talking details with moving companies. This saves money because it gives you a much better chance to hire them for off-peak times or days. When the demand for their services is a lot lower, they’re likely to want the work all the more and charge you less for their time.

Do a purge

This is something you should be doing anyway. Moving home is the perfect time to completely itemise absolutely everything in the home and to see what should be staying and what should be going. It can help you deal with clutter and avoid holding onto stuff you don’t need or want any more. But having less stuff to move also benefits your finances greatly. First, if you’re able to sell a good deal of it then you get a little extra pocket money, immediately. But getting rid of unnecessary possessions also means taking up less space and using less time to move it. A lot of companies charge based on these factors as they mean more work for them. You might be able to get it done in one trip instead of two or able to use a smaller vehicle.

Be prepared for those extra costs

The quote you’re necessarily given by the removal company might not be what you have to pay in the end. There may be more work than expected or you might find that you also need them to help you carry stuff into the house, not just moving it there. It might be as simple as needing extra packing material. Paying a deposit or overseeing a purchase can already stretch your finances pretty tight. If you can, budget for extra expenditures earlier if possible. When it isn’t possible, the best loans for bad credit can help those already financially tied up in taking care of those little extra costs at short notice. The fact is that if you’re caught out and you’re unable to pay, you might end up getting in a dispute with the company that can cost you a lot more in the long run. Or you might simply end up unable to complete the move.

The less work you give yourself and your moving team, the less work you give your bank balance. But that doesn’t mean you should think you’re entirely safe from hidden costs. The moving period is a time when most people are already a little more financially vulnerable than ever. Be extra careful.

Sarah x