Your bedroom is the room in your home that deserves to be the most indulgent and the most welcoming. So if your bedroom is looking a little rough around the edges, perhaps it’s time for you to breathe a little new life into your space, to have it looking wonderfully indulgent and a space that you want to spend time, other than just when you go to bed. Here are our top tips on how to modernise your bedroom in four simple steps.


Out With the Old, In with the New

There really is no other place to start when tackling our bedrooms than de-cluttering. For our bedrooms to feel calm we must make sure that they are super organised and free of clutter and mess (boring I know). Section off a couple of hours at the weekend to go through your wardrobe and get rid of any items that you no longer use. Work your way around your room looking for any clothes or furniture items that you don’t need, or use, anymore and see how this decluttering process can begin to have your bedroom, slowly but surely returning to its former glory.

You can then take it one step further and sell any unwanted items online to make a bit of spare cash to inject back into any new items that you fancy putting in your bedroom.


Now Focus on the Detail

Have fun with the detail. It’s always the little details that bring any room to life so really explore the little items that you think would work best in your bedroom.

Try adding fresh flowers and plants to breathe new life into the room. For a more personal feel to your room with photos and little items that remind you of good times and work to really inject your style into this space with favourite pieces of art that reflect your personality and individual style.



The textiles in your room are also really important in order to have your room looking super chic and modern. Any old, tired looking rugs, carpets and cushions will really pull down the look and feel of your bedroom, so look at replacing them with new, colourful, sumptuous textures that feel soft and comforting to the touch. Add warm, cosy throws and cushions to your bed to add interesting layers and a unique and inviting dynamic to your sleeping space.


Lighting and Atmosphere

The lighting in your bedroom is a super important way to add a soothing and calm atmosphere to your sleeping space. Adding lamps, accent lighting and perhaps even a contemporary chandelier will make your bedroom feel like a modern, sophisticated space whilst. Candles are also an easy way to add atmosphere to your bedroom – look for some scented candles, for an extra treat for the senses.

Sarah x