#MerrierTogether with Moonpig: Christmas Crafts!

#MerrierTogether with Moonpig: Christmas Crafts!

It’s post-Halloween season (so sad it’s over as usual) so I guess it’s time to talk about Christmas!

Okay I guess Christmas is alright… ish.

Moonpig hosted a Christmas event at Revolution in Leeds, complete with mulled wine, tinsel, and other bits. I had a blast… potentially due to the mulled wine and cocktails (we’ll get to it).

Instead of boring you with too many details here’s a quick round-up of the activities we did, and some ideas for doing them at home too! On an unrelated note… isn’t Moonpig just a satisfying word to say?

Christmas Wreath Making

Christmas wreaths, a seasonal staple! I’ve never attempted to make one or even thought to get one so this was a first. It was surprisingly… maybe not easy… but I reckon anyone could get their head around it! Once I stopped swearing at my bow it went pretty well.

If you wanted to do this at home, you need the straw-wreath, ribbon of your choice, some fake fauna, florists wire and pins. We wrapped our wreaths with two types of ribbon, then attached the extra decorations. The pins came in handy to keep everything in place! 

Santa Sack Decorating

Santa is on his way to town I hear. I asked him to play my bills but still waiting to hear back… Anyway, we got to decorate Santa sacks, a sweet idea for the festive period, especially if you have kids or a cat like me (he likes gifts).

If you wanna give this a go – it’s pretty easy! Make sure you get some fabric-marker pens so your design doesn’t fade away, and grab yourself a sack. Be as creative as you want – stencils are a great shout. It’s easy and a lot of fun! 

Cocktail Making

On the day we made two cocktails, a Strawberry Mojito and a Pornstar Martini. Below is a quick recipe for the former from my bartending days! 

Grab a mixer and chuck in the below and then shake it and serve with a prosseco shot! Serve in a martini glass:
2 shots of vodka (preferably vanilla vodka), 2 shots passion fruit juice, 1 shot orange juice, half a shot of sugar syrup, half a shot of lime juice. 

Custom Chrimbo Cards

We are doing our small part to create a world where caring flows from person to person, making moments meaningful and making the world a little brighter.

Me (on the left) with a lovely lady I met named Stephanie (on the right)!

You really can’t beat a good card! At the event, we headed over to the photobooth, took some pics, then we chose a card and got it printed! It came in a day or two and I now have a lovely Christmas card with my face on that I’m not too sure what to do with… (from me to me?!). To make it more special, Moonpig threw in a custom mug! There’s something to be said about getting something personalised from a good pal or loved one. 

This is a really good gift idea if you’re after a last minute gift. I tested the Moonpig delivery-speediness (without meaning too) after I broke my first mug (mostly my cats fault) and they had sent a new one before I could blink! 

If you’re thinking about it, head over to Moonpig & check out the deals! 
There’s 50% off any 5 cards or more or   20% off when you buy a card and a gift together. You know  I love me a bargain!

Sarah x

Ps. Shout out to Search Labs Matt for the pics!

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