The easy answer is yes. I adore having big, full eyelashes. As someone who wears glasses as well, I like to make sure they’re visible but not so much that they are rubbing on the glass. When asked to try a Nouveau Lashes Extend treatment – I jumped at the chance!

NOUVEAU LASHES LASH EXTEND REVIEW As you can see below, naturally my eyelashes aren’t that visible when I’m not wearing mascara.

I’ve tried Nouveau Lash extensions once before though they came away fairly quickly. This time, I gave them another go at the gorgeous Bliss Street salon, with the lovely Mikayla.

First, she cleaned the eye area and applied some tape to cover my bottom lashes.

I chose a mix of medium length lashes. They are individual lash clusters that give more of a natural day time look, without being too dramatic for the office but still flutter-able…

It didn’t take long for my lashes to be applied. It’s painless and quite relaxing! My eyes did water quite a bit, but it was nothing to be concerned about.

Something I really loved about my experience at Bliss, is that the treatment included a top up within 28 days to give them a boost. My top up took around 20 mins, and my lashes were back to their full glory.
Bliss is a lovely salon and Mikayla applied my lashes expertly. Can’t thank her enough, I’ll be back again for another treatment by her lovely self soon.NOUVEAU LASHES LASH EXTENSION REMOVER REVIEW

When it came time to remove my lovely lashes, I found NL’s lash remover so much easier to use than pulling them out or tweezing them. Much safer as well! Of course – no one wants to ruin their beautiful eyelashes!

I’d say lash treatments are something I’d take breaks from, as I’m sure over time it can cause stress on your lashes, but for holidays, big nights out and so on – yes yes yes.

Overall, my lashes lasted a good four weeks with a top up. Try them for yourself!
Sarah x