Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to be considering getting married myself right now. But I have got some beautiful bride-to-be friends who are in the right place in their lives to be making that commitment. Here are a few ideas for perfect wedding day.


A wedding is more than a big party. I think that can get sometimes forgotten with the wild first dances I’ve seen on social media. You guys aren’t there to entertain your wedding guests. You’re there so they can wish you the very best in your life together.

And what celebration is without champagne? I know it’s expensive, but it is perfect for toasting the happy couple. You could even have a champagne wedding cake. I think a strawberry and champagne cheesecake could definitely be a winner on the big day! Celebrate the marriage with a feast of exquisite flavours and tastes.

I know that traditional weddings can be a bit sexist. But they are also romantic and beautiful, it depends how you look at it. Wearing a wedding dress doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist! I think it’s nice to have sleeves although the shape of the neckline is important too, with a bridal bouquet looking pretty in the bride’s hands.

Would I choose a traditional horse-drawn carriage, though? No. Too cold, wet and windy! Bring me a limousine any day! It can be fun when all the cans are tied to the bumper as the bride and groom leave the church. I’m not sure I would be up for something too fancy, though. I’m a practical girl you know.

I’m not really keen on fussy weddings. I like things elegant and simple. I think it’s important to invite those you love for an intimate wedding rather than two hundred people you’ve never met. It can easily cause arguments between the families too. Some people prefer Paper Themes modern wedding invitations to anything fancy, frilly and filled with annoying confetti! Something that gives a hint about the type of wedding they can expect is perfect.

I think many are after some personal touches to make their weddings as memorable as possible. That’s not always easy to do. Equally, the vows to each other are what make the day perfect. You can be as honest and as romantic as you want. Your guests should be able to understand fully why you are in love with each other. It’s about your relationship more than the spectacle of a big event.

I know that most weddings need to consider the feelings and preferences of the families, but I think that’s a shame.  Enjoy your wedding, however you do it.

Sarah x