Birthdays are really exciting when you’re a child, but I’ve found they can get less so as you get older. The novelty wears off a bit, and you often have to spend your birthday working anyway. But I don’t think people should stop enjoying things when they get older, especially their own birthday. And as much as I love having fun on my birthday, it’s even better to give someone else a great day. If you want to surprise a friend or family member, there are lots of ways you can do it. There’s the classic surprise party, of course. But there are several other ways you can set up an incredible surprise for someone you love. Here are some excellent ideas to plan an amazing birthday for someone.

Surprise Party

If you want to start with the basics, there’s the obvious surprise party. Although it’s been done many times before and in lots of ways, it’s still an excellent way to treat someone. It can be difficult to organise, though because you have to coordinate all the guests. The first thing you need to decide on is a time and place to throw the party. If you have it at home (especially if it’s where the person you want to surprise lives), it could make it easier. You won’t have to try and get them to a random destination, like a village hall. If you do decide to have it somewhere else, you’re going to have to come up with a plan to get them there.

Try to get as much help as you can from other guests, but be careful about who you can trust. Some people just can’t hold in a secret! Obviously, everyone will need to know eventually so that they can come. It’s best to start planning a surprise party quite far in advance. You don’t want to leave it until the last minute and then realise that no one is going to turn up.

A Day Out

If you would rather not have a party, you can surprise someone with a day out too. To do it, you need to ensure they have a free day with no other plans. One of the ways you could do that is to arrange to do something with them, but then surprise them with something else. Or you could get a friend or family member to make plans with them to help you out. If you’re not sure what to do for the day, there are lots of cool gifts for guys and girls with unique experiences. You can race cars, fly planes or takes cookery courses. Another option is to plan your day from scratch. Create an itinerary of cool things you think they would love to do that you can complete throughout the day.

A Day In

Some people appreciate a day at home more than one out and about. If you surprise someone like that, it can be just as fun to plan a surprise day at home. Starting with breakfast in bed in the morning, you can think of lots of activities to do throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or radically different from what you normally do. You could spend the day watching movies, do some crafting or baking or spend time in the garden. Friends and family could come for dinner in the evening, or you could have a meal alone together.


Surprise Holiday

Some surprises require a bit more effort than others. If you wanted to plan a surprise holiday, you would need to make sure you have a lot of time to arrange everything. It’s also a good idea to reveal the surprise well in advance of the date of departure. It’s better to allow for some time to prepare when it comes to something as big as a holiday. Then the person you’re surprising has time to get used to the idea. They can pack their own bag and arrange anything they need to do at home. One of the most important things will be to make sure they have the time off work. You’ll either need to tell them about the surprise far enough in advance or try to arrange the trip for when they’re planning to be on holiday at home.

Gifts Throughout the Day

If a holiday is a bit too much, giving them presents throughout the day might be more your speed. You can give them a gift every hour on the hour, so they have something to look forward to all day. Start small and build up to a bigger present, so you don’t spend too much or peak too early. This plan obviously works best if you’re together all day, so you can combine it with a day out or at home. But if you know any of their colleagues, you could get them to hand out presents at work instead. Make sure it’s not a wholly inappropriate work environment to do this, though!

Extended Birthday Fun

Who says birthdays only have to be celebrated for one day? I would love to have a longer celebration. Although, probably not every year. If you want to make someone’s birthday last longer, stretch it into 12 days of birthday celebrations. You could give them a small present or experience each day, a bit like giving them gifts over one day but stretched out over a longer period.

Work Surprise

Unfortunately, as adults we usually spend our birthdays working. Some of us take the day off, but for others it doesn’t seem worth it. If you have a colleague, friend or family member stuck at work for the day, you can still surprise them. Obviously, it does depend on where they work. It would be much easier to do in an office, for example, than on a building site. You could have a present delivered to their desk or surprise them with a birthday lunch. If you’re on good terms with their boss, you might even be able to get them a pass to go home early ;)


Sarah x