We are now in autumn (even though it feels like winter) so, you might want to start making a few tweaks.


Winter is all about keeping the outside firmly outside and keeping toasty and warm inside. The colour scheme is important for any decoration project. It is all about giving off the right feel. When the weather turns cold, you need to choose a colour that contrasts the seasonal temperatures. For example, a dark, warm colour like brown gives off a subtle softness that instantly makes the house feel much cosier. You don’t have to use it everywhere, hints here and there are enough! Even bringing in branches and wood themed items can help to bring that colour in. And of course, you can go for classic whites, silvers and greys for a white-Christmassy feel. If you have to be that guy red, silver, gold and green will, of course, make you feel seasonal!


Wintery homes are all about the atmosphere. Just like the colour scheme of your home, candles can set the atmosphere. The soft and warm glow of the flame, when they are lit, sets the perfect atmosphere and completely contrasts the harsh weather outside. Although they won’t exactly keep you warm, they will perfectly compliment the style and the ethos.


Is there any better thought that being sat in front of a roaring fire while the wind blows a gale outside? Everyone loves a fire, especially during the winter. For starters, they are incredibly effective. One of the worst things about winter is trying to keep the house warm while also not spending a fortune on energy bills. A fire is a perfect antidote.

Plus, it is a stylish addition to any home. The fire doesn’t even have to be lit for you to create an incredible style and tone. The deep darkness of the black, matte surface is a fantastic contrast to the softer, more neutral colours. If you can get a fireplace, DO IT! 


Your flooring will retain heat as long as you choose the right one. It is very difficult to make the change with regards to the flooring because it is such a big job. But, it is also necessary. For example, a hardwood floor is conducive to winter. The wood is a not a good absorber of heat and makes the house much colder as a result. Carpet, on the other hand, is a great insulator because of the heavy fabric. Now it comes to the point where you have to make a style or substance choice. 


There is a way to have your cake and eat when it comes to style and substance. If you are a fan of hardwood or laminate floors, you can dress them with accessories that will help retain heat. Faux fur rugs are the best and most effective example that springs to mind. Fur, obviously, is a great insulator of heat and it looks amazing. And of course, a cracking pair of slippers to keep your toes warm. 

Equally, you can add warm fixtures and fittings. There is no better feeling than soaking in a warm bath during the winter months. Most new homes are obsessed with showers and omit baths. However, a bath like the ones at bellabathrooms.co.uk/bathroom-suites can create a warmer feel without having to be warm themselves! Even in summer, there’s just something nice about having a bath. You don’t even have to use it, it’s almost like an accessory to your shower if you use that more!

Bring The Outside Inside

When it comes to the weather you should try as hard as you can to not let it enter your home. The last thing you want it to freeze death in your house! But, you can add some well-needed colour and texture by adding flowers, leaves or twigs. In the right manner, they can add incredible visuals. 

You may as well add a few wintery touches to your home, it almost feels like we’re deep in the middle of the season now! Pass me the fake snow paint…

Sarah x