Smudged, faded make-up and summer go hand-in-hand. When the temperature rises, your make-up falls. Not ideal! There’s a few tips below, and once you’ve taken that all in, check out my top product picks for weatherproof makeup.

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Cleanse your face

You should already be cleansing your face everyday to help remove any left-over makeup, oil or dirt. Leaving your make-up on or avoiding cleansing could be encouraging breakouts and blackheads to get a little too friendly. By cleansing, I mean actually get a cleanser – make-up wipes are not enough! I love a good make-up wipe but you still need to cleanse. Cleansing your face before you apply your makeup will remove any oil that’s sitting on top of your skin. It seems like a lot of effort, but clean skin will hold your makeup in place better, and your skin will feel better for it too!

Use a primer

Primers are your friend. They help to fix your makeup in place, giving them a nice base to rest on. They can help to blur blemishes, hides discolorations or smooth your skin, depending on which you go to. If I’m out for a long time, I like to use a priming water, followed by a colour-correcting primer. Pick something that suits your skin. A decent eyeshadow primer can help to keep you shadow from creasing and your eyeliner from running too. 

Don’t use your fingers

Using your fingers to apply makeup isn’t the worst thing you can do, but if you’re applying foundation, try to use a brush or sponge. I prefer brushes but they aren’t everyones cup of team. Your skin contains oils, which could transfer from your hands to your face in the process. To avoid it altogether, make sure you have the right tools in your kit!

Bake your face

You’ll have heard the phrase if you’re an avid watcher of beauty YouTube videos or… RuPaul’s Drag Race of course. Apply your base and foundation as normal, then apply a loose powder liberally to the face like banana powder, packing it on as thickly as possible and leaving your face to ‘bake’ for a few minutes. Then use a powder brush to gently brush off the excess powder, leaving your makeup set perfectly in place.

Set it all 

A coloured compact powder is pretty handy on a warm or busy day. Use it to keep your make-up looking matte when you start to feel a bit ‘shiny’ As an extra layer of protection, try using a makeup setting spray to finish off. Spritz your face with the fixing spray and keep it in your bag to refresh in the day time. 

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These are some of my favourite products, especially in summer. I use the same sort of routine through-out most of the year, but I like to have a few extras on hand when it’s warm so I don’t have to constantly re-apply makeup!

Sarah x