I love handmade accessories, it’s much more exciting than run of the mill high-street jobs. It’s a shame that there seems to be a general decline in British craftsmanship.  Slinky Links have so many stunning pieces and I’m lucky enough to have got my hands on this. It’s a multi-strand patent leather bracelet* and  very ‘me’.


Considering I tend to dress in black (below is one of two, of the brightest items I own), it matches everything I have. I have so many other jewellery pieces but not many bracelets I wear that often. This little beauty will be getting some mileage at work this week!


I’m hoping next time I’m down in London I can visit Melodie at her workshop and take some photos of her in action. What I really like about Slinky Links is that all the pieces are made from reclaimed leather. It’s nice to see someone being creative with something that would otherwise go to waste.

I’m impressed with the finish and that although it’s simple, it’s a fairly unusual statement piece. Added bonus, it’s something that will fit with what I’m wearing to the office or what I’m wearing while on a night out (whilst splashing my drink everywhere, smooth), I like things I can dress up or down.


Did I mention I’m a massive fan of these broaches?

Slinky Links

You can find all of the lovely pieces on Etsy and ASOS Marketplace.

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Sarah x