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It’s time to sit crooked and talk straight about hair. After my previous post on hair extensions, I’ve teamed up with London Salon – Top1One. to ask for advice from their top hair specialists. They were kind enough to rally around their salons and answer me questions around straightened hair. If you’ve naturally frizzy hair like me – you’re likely to have considered a blowout or relaxing treatment at some point. But anyway – listen to the experts!

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Brazillian Blowouts

How does it work?

“The treatment process uses Keratin, the main protein found in your hair, nails and skin. A shampoo is first used in order to open the hair strands and then the Keratin is applied. Depending on the length and condition of your hair, the treatment takes 2-4 hours, after which your hair will be dried and straightened to finish the process.”

Oh? What next?

“During the treatment process, the Keratin soaks into your hair and repairs the damage caused by chemicals, straightening and blow drying. A coating is left on the hair to ensure no further damage occurs. It leaves your hair feeling straight, shiny and above all else, healthy.”

“No harsh chemicals are used during the treatment, and as Keratin is a natural ingredient, it will not harm your hair. We recommend that the treatment is repeated every 2-4 months.”

What do I need to look out for?

“You should make sure that the staff are professionally trained in Brazilian blow drys before starting your treatment. They should offer a consultation to assess your hair and will be able to offer advice on how to look after it once you have finished your treatment.”

Will my hair be okay?

“Your stylist will examine your hair and decide on the strength to use in order to achieve the best result for you. It can also be used for different effects, even those with curly hair can have the treatment, to help repair damage and eliminate frizz.”

Conditioning Straight Hair

“It is recommended to only use shampoo containing Sodium Chloride after you have had the treatment. Specialist products are available which contain Keratin to help the treatment last as long as possible.”

“During the first four days, you need to avoid anything which could cause kinks in your hair, including tying your hair back and getting it wet. If this happens, you must blow dry and then straighten it immediately. Once the four days are up, you can carry on with the same treatments as before, although for colouring, it is best to wait for a further two weeks.”

Sarah x