Whether you’re all for hair removal or prefer to go au-natural you should look after your body hair. If you’re going to remove it you need to do so in a safe way that doesn’t lead to infections and so on, and equally if you prefer not to you need to make sure you don’t slack off on your cleansing/exfoliating routine – you could still end up with ingrown hairs!

Anywayz, here are a few words of wisdom and some pretty interesting information on the history of hair removal. Ladies have been getting into awkward and uncomfortable positions for beauty for many many years. From the trusty razor – to (brutal) smooth waxing and modern IPL hair removal, whatever your vice this should


It’s important to exfoliate whether you shave regularly or not, no matter your hair removal method exfoliating the skin can help minimise ingrown hairs and leave you skin feeling smoother and softer. Try adding a body scrub to your routine and using exfoliating gloves.

Shaving Gel

Many of us grab the cheapest shaving gel on the shelf. If you’re not careful they can cause the skin to become irritated, sore or sting. Use something that suits your skin type – you can even use hair conditioner in the place of shaving gel for good results.

In-grown hairs

In-grown hairs are everyone’s nightmare. No matter which method you use, you can end up with a few of the nasty things. You can usually spot them when you have bumps or spots, sometimes that are sore on contact. To reduce them, there are a few products below you can try. My personal favourite are Waxperts hair removal pads. If they get bad, they can become infected and start to see issues. Don’t just leave it – speak to a medical professional for advice.


Again, no matter your method of hair removal. Always, always remember to moisturise! Shaving creams and gels can dry out your skin. Other methods can leave the skin feeling dry too. Invest in a good body moisturiser, sperate from your usual face cream. Remember to keep at as part of your daily routine. It’ll make your skin feel softer too.

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Here are a few things to help you on your healthy skin journey.

History of Hair Removal

Now I found this pretty interesting! Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments :)

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