Hair Mask

I thought I’d give my hair a treat and use Orofluido hair mask. I’ve previously used their hair elixir which I loved. I picked up this hair mask on a recommendation and have given it a few tries. Here’s a quick post on what I thought…

The hair mask sells itself as a deeply moisturising with repairing qualities. I’m currently trying to grow my hair and it likes to break so anything with the words ‘repair’ appeals to me!

My hair is fairly coarse, with a tendency to be absolutely perfect after washing, then quickly becomes dry and frizzy. I do straighten my hair a bit too often, so that might be my fault! I’ve been experimenting with various TreSemme keratin shampoo and conditioners which seem to be working well. Though I feel like my hair needs something extra.

When I used the hair mask, I shampooed and conditioned my hair, then used a small amount of the hair mask as evenly as possible throughout my hair. I left it on for around five minutes before washing. I’ve done this a few times now, and I do feel like my hair is softer once washed and maybe even a bit stronger (maybe!).

Has anyone else used any of their products? I’m not sure if I’m entirely sold yet but it does smell amazing! Tweet me @sarahxsarahh

Sarah x