I’ve not just spelt hello wrong, I promise! The lovely people at Grace Foods sent me a package with their new Say Aloe Drinks.

“Say Aloe isn’t your average drink. Real pieces of aloe vera give the drink its unique texture – it deliciously different refreshment.”

Now personally, I’m not the biggest fan of aloe vera – so, I thought it’d be unfair for me to try them! Instead, I gave the drinks to my Dad who is a big fan! Here is the BarryxBarry verdict:

Strawberry: “I thought the strawberry flavour Say Aloe had a fresh smell as soon as you open the bottle. It has a really nice aroma that’s fruity and almost floral. Only thoughts – it could be a bit more strawberry for me!

Mango: “The mango really tasted like mango, youdefinitelyy know what flavour it is when you taste. It wasn’t too sweet either.”

Original: “I have to say the original had the most refreshing flavour. It wasn’t too sweet or sugar, but not boring either, had a nice little tang to it”

“I rate Original: 5, Stawberry: 4 and Mango” 3 out of 5 stars!”

This blog was a real family effort – pictures coursey of my Ma, (LozzaxLozza if you like). Thanks again to Grace for sharing this with me – even though I didn’t try it directly I’m glad that I was able to share this with my ‘rents – Loz & Baz!

Sarah x