Spring is finally officially here, which means it’s time to festoon your home with Easter eggs, baby chicks and newborn lambs. If you’re not a fan of clearing feathers off your sofa and being kept awake by the sound of bleating from downstairs, here are some less extreme ways to turn your home into a fresh, springlike paradise.


Change The Colours

During the winter we tend to go for what we think of as warming colours – maroons, crimsons, oranges – but now it’s spring, why not try lightening things up a little? If you’re lucky enough to have a relatively neutral palette, you can swap out different accessories at different times in the year – take the velvet pillows off your couch and replace them with ones in shades of apple green, periwinkle blue and sunshine yellow instead. It’s time to add anything that reminds you of nature to your home.

Add Some Greenery

There’s nothing better than some greenery to thoroughly brighten up your house. Cacti are very in right now, so you’ll probably find them easy to find in any local garden centre or even your nearest branch of Urban Outfitters. Put them in copper or rose gold pots if you like the metallic look, or go for white marble shot through with grey if you want some grandeur in your home. Fresh flowers are always a good tip – there are plenty of daffodils this time of year to add some glorious bright yellow to your home, and any seasonal blooms will be a decent price at any time of year. Put vases of flowers in any room of your house that you spend a lot of time in, and remember to put plant food in the water so they last for a long time. Finally, have you ever considered adding herbs to your kitchen windowsill? You can use them in your cooking, which will make you feel great about yourself, your green fingers, and your culinary skills. They’re also fragrant and attractive – what can go wrong?

Make It More Eco Friendly
Everyone wants to make their home a little more eco friendly with their interior design. Go for recyclable materials like glass and wood instead of plastics, which can often be a lot more toxic anyway. If you have kids, get felt mobiles and cork boards to decorate their rooms, and invest in second hand vintage furniture for both style and eco warrior kudos. Wooden toys are both attractive and good for the environment.

Add More Light

It’s time to open the drapes and let that sunlight flood in. Not only will it make your home bright and beautiful but it’ll also add some much-needed heat – if you have a cat, watch it pad over to the pools of sunlight and curl up happily. Just be aware that adding light to your home may just also mean that the dust you’ve allowed to accumulate over the winter may be very visible – get busy with a cloth to make your home sleek and sparkling for a brand new season.

Sarah x