GiffGaff has been busy lately… Making boardgames!

I went along to spend or save to win obviously, and instead lost and learnt some hard truths. WE ALL LOOSE OUR HOUSES?!? (Okay it’s not that bad, we did end up competing to save the most pretty fiercely, I’ll get to it.)

The game was designed to have a monopoly like feel, with more real life events on the playing cards.

GiffGaff explains it better than I do.

We created our very own board game – Spend or Save – where players start with £1,000. They must make it around the board to their next payday as they land on spaces that may give them money (Work Bonus, collect £200) or take it away (Internet Bill, pay £100).

Along the way, they can choose to spend their money on important life goals, such as buying a house or getting married.

These give you bonuses when you reach retirement (after ten laps around the board), but they cost a lot of money and may mean players struggle with the smaller bills they have to pay.

We were lucky enough to be in the newly opened Cuckoo, on Call Lane in Leeds.

In the end, the games trying to teach you to save, cause you never know what happens, to do grown up things like get

credit reports, and consider how many times you really need to blow your pay on clothes.

I’m not saying I’m any good with any of this… But I’ll try..


Kellie Dawson took the win home saving £44.5k, winning a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. I think my team wins the prize for being the most passionate about out in game livelihood.

All in all, it was fun and a bit different, props to GiffGaff and Search Labs for pulling off such a fun boardgame! Big thanks to Matt Chapell from Search Labs for the photos!

Sarah x